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GrayVyne is a peer-to-peer project sharing and storytelling platform.  This platform brings the greater education community together to reduce the opportunity gap between learners at different types of schools and provides impact-based funding for schools so their learning community can thrive.

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Common Hopes.
Collective Will.

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Click the button below to download the GrayVyne Trellis Platform Guide that describes how GrayVyne can help connect your learners to their peers at other schools.


We never want a learner to believe that their opportunities and experiences are limited because of the type of school they attend or where they live.  There are learners all over the country who wish they could have the same opportunities as students at the other schools, and now with GrayVyne they can.

Imagine if every learner, regardless of where they come from, could connect with their peers at different types of schools and bring unique opportunities and experiences to their school for their community too?

GrayVyne is closing this opportunity gap by creating a bridge of shared experiences between different types of schools.  No longer will a learner wonder what it's like at the other types of schools across town, in another state, or even a different country.  Now, learners will have access to any type of school where they'll raise expectations of what's possible for them through enriching experiences delivered by learners no different from them.



The financial stability of a learning environment is important to ensure learners get the resources they need to thrive.  There are only so many grants you can write and we're here to help you find another way.

GrayVyne was structured to provide learning environments a self-sustaining and impact-based revenue stream that compounds over time as a result of the good work learners are delivering to the community today.  This new independent revenue stream is flexible and free from government allocations, complex formulas, and the socioeconomic status of your local community.  Your learning community is special and we want to help your environment grow!


This new funding source will be delivered to your school solely based on the inspiration you spread and the impact you make for your community and for learners at other types of schools.  Now you can be a small school with big funding based on the work your learners deliver.  We believe any school can make a positive impact if they choose to, and when you do you'll be rewarded for it.

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Improving Access

Any school can be a part of GrayVyne regardless of your access to financial resources.  There are no membership dues, fees, or up-front investments.  All you need to do is start a project and make a meaningful contribution to your community, and then we'll help you spread the impact.

​The GrayVyne community is where status and generosity are always associated.  The more generous you are in helping others, the more gifts of gratitude you'll receive from those you've served.


What's the most subtle and important change your learners can make to when they start their next project?  Click below to download your free resource to help guide them next time.