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  • How much does it cost to join?
    On GrayVyne, there is no cost for you to sign up and contribute to the community. We've created zero barriers to access so your school and other can benefit from the opportunities shared. Some education networks charge schools $50,000 or more per year just to have access to the opportunities their learners create. With GrayVyne there is no need for an up-front investment, there are no membership dues, and there are no long-term commitments. In fact, if your learners can inspire their peers to take a project and make it their own, you can MAKE $50,000 or $500,000 or more per year that will serves as a flexible and independent revenue stream based on the impact and inspiration your students deliver to their peers over time. More opportunities create more projects, and more projects create more impact. The projects you're delivered to the community in the past can serve as the foundation that propels your school into the future. This financial model grows organically, feeds itself, and supports you. Does your school already create incredible projects that your students are willing to share with their peers? Great! Rather than discarding these projects after a celebration of learning, GrayVyne is providing your learners the opportunity to see how far their projects can reach across the entire education community. Wouldn't they be excited to see their project at their school turn into 100 new and exciting projects across the education community because of the inspiration they provided to their peers? We think so too! We believe that if your learners are generous enough to share these learning experiences to inspire students at other schools you should be rewarded financially for it so next year you can have the resources to impact next year. What if a few of your students are struggling to come up with a project that they are motivated to engage with? No worries, let them see if they can find inspiration from someone like them on GrayVyne. Once your learners discover the project that's perfect for them, your school will send a fixed donation to the school that provided that project to you. This donation is sent as an expression of your gratitude for the generous work other schools have shared with your learners. GrayVyne has set fixed one-time project donations per school (not per student) that range from $25 to $200 depending on the age of the learners and complexity of the projects, and once you receive the project documentation you are free to use that project for any and all of your learners until the end of time. For instance, you can receive a project for $25 and every student at your school today and in the future will have access to it. Over time, your school will build an incredible list of meaningful projects curated by students rather than you, kinda nice, right? Can you imagine an education community that connects and supports each other academically and financially so all learning environments can thrive? That's exactly what we're building, and we want you to be a part of it too.
  • What types of schools can join the GrayVyne community?
    GrayVyne was created to share experiences across district boundaries, school types, and state lines. We accept any and all types of learning environments because we feel learners are more alike than different regardless of the type of learning environment they're in. We're bringing together a diverse group of education communities that can gain empathy and inspiration from each other rather than competing with each other. We want Public Schools, Homeschools, Parochial Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Hybrid Schools, Alternative Schools, Microschools, Tribal Schools, and more connecting with and supporting each other from around the world. Send us a note, we would love to have you!
  • How does the project sharing platform work?
    GrayVyne is a peer-to-peer project sharing and storytelling platform. Rather than teachers creating a list of projects that they feel their students would like, students will look to their peers across the entire education community for project ideas that align with their passions and purpose. We feel that the best source of inspiration for a young learner comes from someone their age who can inspire and motivate them more effectively than some of us adults can. As youth grow into young adults, they become more reliant and invested in sourcing ideas and experiences from their peers. GrayVyne is a safe environment where we empower them do that. Learners deliver their work to each other with an intention to create a more inclusive education community because they are all more alike than different, regardless of the learning environment they come from. Here, learners don't say "Look what I did!" Instead, they share a story that sends a message of "Look what you can do too!" our mission is to build a community of learners who want to pursue something bigger than themselves, contribute to a cause they care about, and then inspire a friend. Sometimes it can be as simple as pursuing something bigger than yourself, finding a cause, and bringing a friend.
  • Is GrayVyne a non-profit?
    When GrayVyne began we intended to create a non-profit organization, but facilitating financial transactions from school to school made a non-profit business structure a little tricky... Thus, we utilized a for-profit mission-based organizational structure where 94% of financial transactions delivered from school to school are able to stay within the education community and remain flexible so that you can use the funds for whatever resource, scholarship, or grant you feel it would benefit your learning community the most. Given the fact that less than 1% of schools rely on each other for academic and financial support, we strongly believe this financial model will reduce the opportunity gap between different types of schools and provide an innovative mechanism to address the financial inequity in the education system.
  • How is the GrayVyne platform different from a project showcase or repository?
    A typical project repository is static showcase of work that was done in the past. The intended audience for these projects is from student to teacher or student to parents within their own learning community, rather than from student to student across the entire education community. In other words, these projects are frozen in time and all of the work and impact that a learner created through their projects generally dies at the end of the term. We believe these student projects hold a latent potential that learners in other schools could leverage the inspiration the project gives them to take the project and make an impact in their community too. GrayVyne is a learner-led project sharing and storytelling platform where every project is alive. These projects are open-source and available for students to take the work of their peers and find new ways to make it better. When projects are delivered by your students they don't die in your community, they find new life as they turn into 100 new projects for 100 other communities. These projects are dynamic and provide greater impactful as more students engage with them over time. We see GrayVyne as a place where every project can be tweaked and fine-tuned by hundreds of students around the world in their quest to deliver for meaning and impact for each other.
  • How do I access the Trellis?
    When your organization first registered to be a part of the GrayVyne community, an administrator was designated at your organization to set up and manage individual users in your GrayVyne account. Once this administrator uploads your name and assigns you a role in the system, you’ll receive an automated email requesting you to create a unique password. Once you create a password, you can now use your school email and GrayVyne password to access the Trellis. If you name hasn’t been added to the user list, you might want to [politely] check with your administrator and request they add you to the database.
  • Oh my gosh, I forgot my password already..."
    GAH! Everything seems to require a password these days, we hear ya. Let's get you back and connecting on the Trellis. Navigate to the Trellis login screen and click on the "Forgot" link located inside the Password field. Next, it will ask you to enter your email address and click submit. If your email address is associated with a user account on GrayVyne, an automated email will be sent to you. If you don't receive an email it means we don't have you in our system and you'll need to check with your GrayVyne account administrator at your school/organization. Your account administrator for your school/organization controls the user list for your organization (GrayVyne doesn't have access to your organization's user account list). If you are the administrator and need help sorting out your account for your users, send us a note via the form on this page and we'll connect with you asap. If this is super urgent and you need help now, call or chat with us and a friendly human will be glad to walk ya through it.
  • Do I need to upload all media at the same time I create my project?
    When you click on “Create New Project” there are seven fields required (notice red Required text) to be defined before you can add the project to the Trellis. We recommend you define these first and click Add Project before uploading any media. The first field is the Project Name, which usually takes a while for learners to figure out, and you can always change it later :-). The remainder of the fields are optional, but of course, we’ve added a ton of options so your story team can play with all different types of storytelling mediums from comic books and podcasts to photos and novellas. We recommend adding media in chunks though, because sometimes if you upload lots of files (and really large files) you’ll be required to utilize your patience reserves and hope you maintain a strong internet connection during the upload. For instance, the documentary section allows up to 5000MB uploads (yep, upload a long-form documentary if you’d like!)…and when you do, you might want to upload that large file on its own and return to upload other files later :-)
  • How do I submit a project fix?
    Project fixes are a really fun and important part of the GrayVyne community. Project fixes tap into the wisdom of the crowd. Learners are expected to contribute to projects by not only noticing little errors in projects, but taking the initiative to modify the source documentation (whether it be code, or a CAD files, or a process map, etc.) and deliver the fix back to the original creator. It’a gesture of “here, I noticed this and I fixed it for you.” It’s a gift. Over time, the community can continually prune and perfect projects because everyone is responsible for not just making projects with impact, but crafting projects that will drive maximum impact in our communities.
  • What is the gratitude button for?
    It’s the best. On GrayVyne, there are no reviews, or ratings, or comments, or stars, or rankings of student projects. Instead we have a gratitude button. This community is only concerned about delivering a meaningful project to someone you care about, and when a project is received with gratitude, learners can send a personal note of thanks and appreciation to the project’s creator and kindly ask they do it again.


Thanks for the note, we'll be in contact with you asap!

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